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Special Passengers

People with reduced mobility

This can involve both the elderly and people with motor or visual disabilities.
A disability should not prevent passengers from traveling to both domestic and foreign destinations. If you are a passenger who requires special attention, you should take into account some details when planning your next trip
The logistics of travel abroad can be challenging, even for the most intrepid traveler with a disability. Experience is an effective teacher to help you learn flight management strategies, customs procedures, and other aspects of entering a foreign country.
Book flights well in advance and call the airline directly to ensure all disability-related needs are met, at least 48 hours before the flight, for travel coordination. Ask for the name and title of each person you speak to and record this information. Also consider the possibility of buying the tickets with a travel agency that can take care of the coordination with the airline
Pre-coordinate transfers to and from airports. In some countries there are companies that offer differential rates for disabled people.
Arrive at the airport an hour earlier than normally advised. This will allow time for adaptations to take place and thus avoid delays.
Consider varying the duration of your flights based on disability-related needs. Long flights can be uncomfortable, especially for people who cannot use inaccessible toilets on airplanes. Shorter connecting flights may be a better alternative.
Allow at least 90 minutes between connecting flights (or longer if necessary to clear immigration and customs during a layover) to ensure there is enough time to transfer between the gates.
Try to research the layout and access characteristics of all airports along your route, even if you only expect a short layover, and consider possible contingency plans if access is not available. A potty in your carry-on could save the day if you're a wheelchair user.
Ask for help and be specific about how to be lifted if necessary to get on and off the plane, including assistance beyond checkpoints and between connecting gates, but keep a record of your luggage if you go through the customs.
Request that a person without a plane ticket help you go through the security control to your boarding gate, if necessary, by going to the airline's check-in counter and receiving a "pass" that allows your escort go through the inspection checkpoint without a ticket.
Establishes special dietary requirements or the need for assistance with meals (airline staff cannot help with eating, but must help open packages and identify food on a food tray).
Request a specific seat in advance, such as the bulkhead seat (first row of a section) if required for wheelchair transfer, a physical condition, or for your service animal. Please note that not all seats have movable armrests.
Look online for information about border patrol and customs control at the airport and, if you have difficulty communicating, explain what would be helpful to them in relation to your disability (for example, write your questions on a piece of paper).

Unaccompanied minors

Babies, children and adolescents can travel alone or accompanied by a responsible adult, depending on their age.
- Babies and children between 0 and 7 years old must always travel accompanied by a person over 18 years old.
- For children between 8 and 11 years old, airlines usually require that an additional service related to the Unaccompanied Minor be hired, where personnel from the airline or company providing the assistance service will guard the child throughout the journey, including check-ups. migration and security, until it is delivered to the authorized person at the end of the trip.
- Adolescents between 12 and 17 years old can generally travel alone, although they also have the option of contracting said travel assistance service (optionally).
Also, remember that minors often require permission from their parents or guardians, whether they are traveling alone or traveling with one of their parents. We suggest consulting with the corresponding entity in relation to the documents and authorizations necessary to travel with minors alone or with one of their parents.

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