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What to consider when it's time to travel and move into an airport.


- General Issues
- Baggage limit
- Excess luggage
- Hand luggage
- Limitations and disclaimer
- Hand luggage prohibited items
- Pets
- Baggage incident

- General Issues - Passenger must clear their luggage at the desk assigned to the airline. In turn there will be given a boarding pass and baggage check. For safety, it is recommended not despatched to the passenger or carry any baggage with unknown persons. If you only take hand luggage, many companies allow you to make your check in online, print your ticket and boarding pass and go directly to the boarding area.


- Baggage Limit - The transport of your luggage to a certain limit is included in the rate of passage. Each airline has its policy limits and number of packages weighing. Airlines typically range in 1 packages (same continent) or 2 baggages (transatlantic) from 44 lbs to 66 lbs. It is also recommended to consult with the company previously, to avoid surprises. In terms of low cost airlines ticket price does not include billing packages. It is payable separate and package being in most cases up to 33 lbs per package.


- Excess luggage - In case of excess baggage limit imposed by the airline, more weight may be despatched allowed or another package, paying the amount that is established by way of excess baggage. As that is paid at the time of weighing, we recommend you use cash or other payment mechanism available.


- Hand luggage - checked baggage addition to the passenger is allowed to take as hand luggage lightweight certain objects and volume such as a purse, camera, etc.. provided they do not exceed the permitted weight or dimensions, which are usually listed on the ticket. Weight limits usually range between 18 lbs and 22 lbs and dimensions of a maximum length of 56 cm (22 inches), width of 45 cm (18 inches) and depth of 25 cm (10 inches) approx, including wheels, handles and side pockets. Most of low cost airlines allow even a smaller size 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm and weight from 13 to 18 lbs. When in doubt, we suggest checking with the airline, the limitations of dimensions, weights and packages both in checked baggage as the hand.


- Limitations and disclaimer - Airlines may refuse to carry certain items because of their size, shape, weight or features can not be considered as baggage. For safety, it is suggested not to include in checked baggage perishables, fragile valuables (money, jewelry, electronics, etc..), Medicines, documents, keys, etc.. Some companies are not responsible for the completeness or disappearance of these items.


- Hand luggage prohibited items - For safety reasons, a number of items that are prohibited to carry on the plane and therefore should be declared as luggage office if they are allowed. Some of them are: Weapons of any type, sharp objects, blunt objects, explosives, flammable items, toxic or chemical substances. If carry liquids or cosmetics items should be stored in transparent bags, and for liquids, not exceeding 3.4 oz.

If the passenger carrying firearms must contact the office of arms of the departure airport to obtain the necessary authorization. Weapons must be packed in a proper case and will be returned to the office of arms of the arrival airport.

Please remove laptops, tablet computers or large electrical items from your luggage to be screened separately.

Certain electronic equipment such as laptops, mp3, mp4, or mobile phones can interfere with aircraft systems and affect flight safety. Ask the stewardess if you can use at any time of travel.


- Pets - It is advisable that the passenger when making the reservation or ticket purchase, contact the operator or the airline, on the requirements for the transportation of pets or domestic animals.


- Baggage incident - The air carrier is liable for damage sustained in case of destruction, loss or damage to checked baggage if the occurrence which caused the damage so sustained took place on board the aircraft or as checked baggage is under the custody of the company.

However, the company shall not be liable to the extent that the damage is due to the nature or defect of the baggage. In case of low cost airlines, most do not include baggage insurance in the standard price, and the same is offered as an optional charge. 

It is also liable for damage occasioned by delay in the carriage of baggage, unless it proves that it took all measures that were reasonably necessary to avoid the damage or that it was impossible to take such measures. 

It is of vital importance in the case of incidents with checked baggage, be it loss, total or partial destruction or delay, the passenger takes place at the time for protest.When in doubt, check with the campus information desk for assistance. To bring these drawbacks prevented a change of clothes in her handbag.