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Before heading to the airport is always necessary to review your documentation before leaving so as not to suffer headaches later. In addition to the passage, and the money check your documentation adequate personal identity for the trip to be undertaken. On domestic flights and in some areas of agreement among neighboring countries just an ID for other international flights must have a passport and visa if necessary. In some countries require the submission of documents to enter its territory, such as vaccinations and health certificates or letters of invitation or registration.

We recommend that you ask your travel agent or airline which documents you need.In any case, the embassy or consulate of the country you want to travel will be informed of the necessary documentation for your trip

In the event that the passenger is a minor and traveling alone, make sure to file permission from parents or guardians, before embarking on foreign travel.

The lack of documentation required for your destination may result in denied boarding. 

In turn normally, it is convenient to declare how much cash and / or traveler's checks will carry. In case of large sums, you may need to demonstrate the origin of money with tax documentation be required. If the money has negligible may not be as necessary for his statement. Likewise, each country imposes a ceiling figure of money to find out whether or not to declare the same. For example in Brazil is 10,000 Reals. Although international standard rules in general has a limit of 10,000 euros For Europe or 10, 000 American dollars in America, per adult passenger to both, get in or out of the country.

Steps to consider: 
in some cases the airports from which some have more than one terminal.Therefore, the passenger must be secured by the agency or who sells the ticket to indicate from what part of your flight terminal. Maybe in some tickets and print out this information.

It also suggests that as soon as the passenger arrives at the site is directed to the baggage handling counters of the company, though not dispatch any luggage. This is so that upon presentation of a ticket, will be given the boarding card and ensure its acceptance of the company for the trip. In some cases, boarding pass can be done online a few days before, mobile check in or at the airport  through by self- check in machines.

The "time limit for acceptance flight" is the minimum time before the scheduled departure time, in which the passenger must have been admitted to the flight, having dispatched his baggage, and being already in the gate area. Airlines do not incur any liability for non-acceptance of a passenger when it is present in the baggage handling counters after the time limit for acceptance of the flight.

Passengers should arrive at the office desks in time indicated in advance by the travel agency or airline, and in the case of no indication, at least 1.30 hours (for domestic flights) before flight time , and 2 to 2.30 for international flights. However, due to increased security checks at airports, some airlines may establish other limits for shipment, so it's important to find out in advance.

Thus, consider the time of baggage handling and customs clearance and security controls, especially in periods of high season. In turn, additional time to calculate the city-airport transport, taking into account the possible difficulties of access.

For security reasons there may be more frequent and exhaustive controls in airports, both, passengers and their baggage, or shipped, so it is advisable to have your ticket, boarding card and identity document at hand, and to report and observe the boarding times set by the company.


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