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TRAVEL ASSISTANCE: Why it is important to hire it to travel

Due to the new normal situation in today's world, it is wise to review some tips before planning a trip and flying. What to look for when choosing and booking a flight, what conditions to meet and what situations to consider.
At the same time, it is necessary to take into account possible rescheduling or suspension of flights, which in many cases end in the loss of a connection or insufficient reimbursement, in addition to losing hotel and tour reservations that cause high additional costs for accommodation, food, etc. Or simply, the unexpected cancellation of the trip due to illness or a personal situation that prevents it.
Some credit cards or multi-risk insurance may include coverage in case of travel or travel outside your home, so if you already have any of these services, it is advisable that you inform your financial institution or service provider company about the type of coverage and guarantee of the benefit.
There are coverages that are only at the national level, others cover some bordering countries or members of a region and other services are worldwide. Credit card services, for example, usually include a minimum insurance for clients, but with the possibility of extending for a difference, to a more complete insurance, which is usually highly recommended.
It should be noted, for example, that to travel to Europe, the European Union requires foreign tourists a minimum medical coverage of 30 thousand euros during the maximum period of 120 days of permanence as a tourist in the Schengen area. The same is true of other nations that are outside the Schengen area. On the other hand, for example, Thailand requires, among other requirements, to contract a travel medical insurance prior to the trip whose policy covers all medical treatments including those for COVID-19, with a minimum value of 100,000 USD. The same happens with other countries in Southeast Asia or the Middle East. In Costa Rica, the government requires a minimum coverage of 50 thousand dollars for foreigners, just as most Latin American countries request the contracting of travel insurance.
In other places, on the other hand, there is no requirement for travel assistance insurance, although in the event of an unforeseen medical event it could be a very high cost (and in some cases impossible to pay).
Nowadays when planning and undertaking a trip, it means being exposed to more unforeseen events, and the best way to cover them and travel with peace of mind requires including in the travel budget, a complete coverage service that provides sufficient assistance in the event of any of the inconveniences mentioned in this article.

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